About Us

Bharatha Matha Social Service Society was established in the year 2018. It was founded by its president Smt.Vijayalaxmi Garu. She has established this organisation in the memory of her father and his desires.

The sad story behind establishing this organisation is when Vijayalaxmi’s son died due to mental disorder and his sudden death moved her so much and she got an inspiration to establish this organisation. She took the support and help of her god’s gifted brothers Shiva and Ramu and gave life to Bharatha Matha Social Service Society.

This home takes care of old age destitutes who are affected by blood cancer,aids, liver cancer and as the result are being abandoned by their family. They are almost near to death with no helping hands starving and depressed.

She completely takes care of all these shelter less and helpless old age persons with love and affection. This organisation gives them decent and respectful cremation after their death. She gives son security and daughter love to 60 oldage destitutes whom she is picked up from roads through nearest police station.she provides good shelter to all these destitutes and fulfills their needs. This aashram provides good education,clothes food to nearly 15 students and this contributing for their bright future.

I really appreciate smt.vijayalaxmi Garu for her great kindness and showering love and affection to the abandoned and dying destitutes. I sincerely pray to God to bless her with good health wealth and prosperity.